剑桥大学商学院 硕士、 帝国理工地球科学与工程 学士 业务开发经理、 优秀MBA毕业生、 壳牌MBA顾问、 项目地球物理学家

学生印象: 很乐意为大学入学指导提供各方面的帮助
  Hi I'm Mark,an Imperial College London and Cambridge alumnus.From 2008-2012 I studied for an Msci Geophsyics degree at Imperial,graduating with 1st Class Honours.Subsequently,I worked for 6 years in the upsteam energy industry as a geophysicist for Schlumberger,a large oilfield services provider.More recently I have returned to university for post graduate study,graduating in 2019 with an MBA from the University of Cambridge.I now work at GeoSpock,a big data technology company.
  Mentorship,teaching and tutorship have always been important to me.Some of the most important decisions in my life were positively influenced by individuals acting as mentors for me,and I am excited to work with you to help you achieve your goals.
  Whilst at Imperial,I was an admissions assistant helping at departmental open days,conducting tours as well as providing prospective students with applications advice and mentoring in both a 1 on 1 and group setting.In my professional career I have acted as a subject matter mentor at Schlumberger,providing peers and colleagues with technical advice and training.I have also created and delivered company-wide training material at GeoSpock to help communicate our company commercial strategy across the business.
  I am happy to help with all aspects of university admissions guidance,at both undergraduate and masters level.I can also assist in test preparation for the GMAT and similar tests.More broadly,I am happy to provide mentorship,coaching and feedback on careers,CVs and other areas of professional development.If you are thinking of studying for a physical sciences or applied engineering degree and would like help with your application,or advice on potential career options,please get in touch.Equally,for those considering an MBA or other post graduate business qualification I can advise about how to make your application stand out,and what to look for in terms of different courses.
  I wish you the best of luck in your applications and future careers!








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